Hello friends,

As you have probably noticed, we haven't updated this website since a long time, the main reason is that we are working on a new one, so we decided it's probably better to shut it down until the newish. The mailorder website part is also closed and won't reopen before I (Nico) come back from tour sometime late september.

These past months bring us five new releases :

The new year started with a new 7" from Bordeaux based post/cold/punk KALTE LUST, two great new songs from an unfortenately underrated band. Then we helped release the first full lenght from Lille melodic punk rock SHORT DAYS, it was out just in time for their France & Spain tour. After that, The 12" from brittany great melancholic cold punks OSTAVKA finally see the light of day in february with five new songs. A second full lenght from Normandy d-beat hardcore punks EXHAUSTION came out in april with half a dozen shows in France. Last but not least, right before the summer a long time project finally happen : a limited vinyl version of first and last album of now defunct DEFAITE, it originally only came out on tape but the songs and artwork were so great that we needed to press a short run of it.

More releases already at the pressing plant :

- BLEAKNESS "Ruined Fate" 7" will be released in time for their european tour with BITPART late august / early september. BLEAKNESS is a new punk rock band infused with post punk melancholic melodies. It contains members of EXHAUSTION, CHAVIRE, AMANDA WOODWARD, KARYSUN (...). The 7" includes 4 songs originaly released on limited tapes for local shows. It's a co-release with Analog Profusion Records and while our webshop is closed you can order this one on their mailorder that is hosted by Paris record shop Music Fear Satan : INFO HERE

- LITIGE "Fuite En Avant" 12" will be released late october. LITIGE is a great punk rock band based in Lyon, these 3 girls and this guy bring something very fresh and inspiring, sung half in French, half in English. The demo was already really good, shows we've seen were awesome and we could not miss this and offered to help them release that 8 songs 12".

- SYNDROME 81 "Beton Nostalgie" LP is a collection of songs released on various EP and split records. It will be out in time for few more shows early November. 18 songs from their Demo, Litovsk split, UVPR compilation song, Desert Urbain, BMAB single serie and Urban Savage split. It is coming in a gatefold jackets with awesome drawing by All Cats Are Grey.

We have more projects to happen later this year or the next. We are still working on AMANDA WOODWARD 3xLP discography, that will hopefull soon be finished. YOUTH AVOIDERS are recording a second album in october. SYNDROME 81 have started recording their first full lenght. And there are lots of great french bands at the moment, that means busy months to come !

Come back here sometime in september for the new website and reopened shop with lots of new records. Please go see the BITPART / BLEAKNESS european tour info page and if you live near a city come say hi ! Thanks for still being here in 2017 ! Enjoy the late summer and take care friends !